AQ 9 - 02.12.10

It’s been a month of Tuesdays since the earthquake. I wasn’t able to report what I wanted to report, so I didn’t write on Tuesday.

A month after the earthquake in Haiti, on Friday, February 12, I have things to report. Frank is on his way back to Haiti to be reunited with his World Vision team. I’ll give details of their work as Frank informs me. The team has found a place for him to live.

A month after the earthquake, I have become reacquainted with an old friend – my left foot. Today the toes all move & wiggle in the right direction; the swelling is gone, & most of the bruising, too… in my left foot. I can bend both knees, & I have a lot more feeling in my right leg & foot. Favorite foods are looking interesting, but my appetite hasn’t fully returned, & nails still aren’t growing much. It doesn’t hurt to lay my head down on the pillow any more (outside bruising, not inside headache). And, I laughed really hard yesterday at a game we were playing with Pria. I’ve noticed that Pria’s eating a little more, & though she’s still afraid to be alone & talks often of earthquakes, she says it with a lighter tone of voice.

A month after the earthquake, Dawn is in a singing ensemble in Connecticut, is in the play “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” & has started a worship team. Some dear friends gave her a guitar, & put together a worship notebook much like the one she lost.

A month after the earthquake, we have Trevor with us. We walked in to church on Sunday…as a family of five. There were so many wonderful memories of growing up here with this church family. And now sat Trevor, at age 20. He was wearing shoes that had walked among the dead & dying in Haiti, & the hopeful & those who felt hopeless. His hands had saved lives as well as cradled the heads of others who didn’t have the strength to hold on any longer. Trevor has a video of “his tent” of surgery patients singing worship songs – sitting, if they could, raising a hand, if they were able, thanking God for life.

This week it snowed in Connecticut. The neighborhood looked beautiful, peaceful & serene. I remember singing a song in a Haitian church in the 80’s, “Blan, pi blan que neige,” (Creole). In English: “White, whiter than snow.” Many have known beautiful, peaceful moments in Haiti. Yes, it’s true. Right now there’s a lot of clean up & rebuilding necessary, but they hold fast to the hope of a beautiful, peaceful Haiti again. “Kimbe fort.” “Hold on. Hold tight,” are the words I exchanged with so many the days following the earthquake.

Today through Sunday people are fasting & praying for Haiti. I hope you'll join us for one or all three days. You can fast from something other than food...

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day in the U.S. This month has been Valentine’s “Day” for our family. Frank left today, & left a dozen red roses at the door. Trevor flies to California tomorrow, & has left a giant red food coloring heart in the snow.

Wishing you precious moments with the ones you love,


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