AQ 1 - 01.20.10

It’s 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning. It’s been a week since the earthquake. I’m quite anxious, so I’ll begin to write. Pray for those still buried in rubble, that they will hold on till help comes. It’s there job to hold on. Rescue teams can rehydrate them & help them back to health…

IPilots & doctors have wanted documents & reports from us. Frank has said to them, “Think of it this way: In one sense, June, Dawn & Pria don’t exist anymore. Start creating new reports from now.” Pria, Dawn & I have nothing, & as many of you know, Frank & Trevor had to report to family & friends that we were missing & it didn’t look good. I held on to hope all night - a 50/50% chance that the rest of our family was alive. Frank & Trevor wet looking for us, saw the bldg, didn't find us & had to live through the night with fewer odds that we were alive.

We three are miracles :) & God has been clearing a new path for us every limp of the way! Dawn with shoes & thick hair got out from under our apt. bldg with feet protected & no concrete imbedded in her head. Pria & I lost our shoes & had our eyes open most of the time. My glasses protected my eyes. Pria’s eyes were scratched & swollen shut for a while. And, as the doctors say, my body was “crushed” in places, but I will heal. Our living room furniture kindled itself on my right shin, so walking is still difficult. Pria says, "Dawn is always prepared. I don't know how she does it!"

If the quake had come a few seconds earlier or later, our story would have been much different, & I won’t talk about that. We have hundreds of things for which to be thankful.

Though I thought all the buildings in Port-au-Prince had come down, because ours had, Frank was safe at the World Vision office. Trevor, Mike & Angie were safe at the orphanage. And, Latte, our puppy, was having a play date at a friend’s house where she was safe, too!

I’m dancing around the actual event. I can’t quite talk about it yet. After a week I can handle many sounds. Ground shaking is harder to handle. Do you realize how much a house shakes in a day? Washing machine, garage door, a door closing? That’s all still a bit terrifying for me. The girls seem to have adjusted. Dawn plans her exit route when she walks in a building. Pria asks about the shaking & is then okay.

All the writing I can do for now. I have to get out of the house. I'm a bit anxious.

I just found out there was a 6.1 tremor in Haiti at 6 a.m. Trevor called. He’s fine. Pray for his continued safety. Pray God’s peace that passes all understanding for those who are holding on to be rescued. They’ve just been shaken to the core again


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