AQ 15 - 3.25.10

We were flown from Haiti to McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey on Friday, January 15. The base is three hours from my parent’s house in Connecticut, which is where we four girls have lived (puppy now included) for the past two months.

Dawn took over my father’s office, though he does get to keep regular office hours while she’s at school. His standing lamp is now adorned with fashionable hats & scarves. The office supply shelves in the little closet house neatly stacked shirts & pants. The fold out futon is permanently folded out, & underneath is home for multiple pairs of very colorful shoes.

Above the garage is where Pria, Latte & I live. It’s been a good place to practice toning down our hyper sensitivity. The sound of tree limbs brushing against the wall next to our beds, & the shaking caused by the garage door opening & closing is helping to reprogram our internal levels of alarm. That’s a good thing. (I know you’re reading this, Mom & Dad.)

Latte is litter box trained, so there’s a litter box in my parent’s guest bathroom shower. Next to the wood stove in the dining room is a green dog bed with chewy toys, & in the corner of the kitchen there’s a water bowl & food dish. These spaces were previously bare & needed to be filled. A baby gate blocks the entrance to the living room, & high-heeled guests must now climb in for a visit with my parents.

The table in the Den is now a craft table for Pria. I think it formerly displayed family heirlooms & vases of flowers. Beside the front door is a mat with pink bunny boots, a dog leash & a jump rope. The glass doors have nose prints on them: higher Pria prints & lower Latte prints. On the porch is a purple bike & a row of favorite stones from the driveway.

I started driving again this week. Yay! But, until now, my dad has kept all the school carpool appointment times, through rain, snow & sleet. And, yes, we’ve had all three. My mom has done all the shopping for groceries & school supplies. And, she’s prepared most of the meals. Once a month Dad takes Pria to the children’s concert, & Mom has gone ice skating with Pria twice!

Need I explain how we feel about our parents-grandparents! They have been wonderful.


When you hear the same thing twice in one day, you take heed…

Both Dawn & Pria commented on “stuff” yesterday. So, it’s time to tell you about stuff.

Pria was going to be interviewed at school. “They’ll ask you to tell about a time in your life that was difficult.”

Pria said, “Earthquake, of course. And, I realized that stuff doesn’t matter. Without it, I didn’t even realize I had it. With it, I didn’t even want to share it.”

Dawn was not in on that conversation. Later that day she said, “I’m glad all of our stuff was gone in 30 seconds. I didn’t have to spend my time thinking about it.”

Did you notice all the stuff with which we have adorned my parent’s house. Our basic needs have been met by so many of you. You have sent clothing, shoes, & winter coats. You have helped with the girls’ schooling. Thank you all sooo much! And, by living with my parents right now, we don’t yet have to buy kitchen ware & bedding.

Beyond stuff:

When you hear the same thing twice in one day, you take heed…

On a Saturday night I posted an AQ & mentioned that I’d put my earrings on again. Sunday morning I went to church & a friend said she had some earrings for me. I thought she had read my AQ, but she hadn’t. In prayer it was clear to her that a pair of turquoise earrings was to be a gift to me.

On Sunday afternoon I picked up Dawn from another town where she had spent the weekend with a friend. She told me that her teacher had been praying & it was clear to her that a turquoise necklace was to be a gift to Dawn.

Jewelry is a layer beyond the basic needs layer. Since ancient days turquoise has been a symbol of protection, of healing, & of victory. As I was talking to the friend who gave me the earrings, & I said there is meaning in this beyond the very nice gesture of blessing me with jewelry, she thought of the walls in Isaiah 54. The chapter was fresh in my mind, but not because of walls. I remembered the message about mountains. Verse 10 is the scripture we three girls were singing in the tree, & Trevor & the orphans were singing outside after the earthquake: “”For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but my lovingkindness will not be removed from you, and my covenant of peace will not be shaken,’ says the Lord who has compassion on you.”

Usually I read whole thoughts, whole articles, what comes before & after a poignant comment. How had I missed the next sentence, the next verse: “O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, I will rebuild you on a foundation of sapphires & make the walls of your houses from precious jewels. I will make your towers of sparkling agate, & your gates & walls of shining gems.”

This, to me, is a reminder that our God is lavish as He rebuilds & restores. You will probably be hearing more from me about this passage.


  1. How good is the God we adore! Wonderful to hear that you are driving again.
    God bless you


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