AQ 11 - 02.20.10

Dear Friend & Family,
AQ10 was missing one word in the last paragraph:
Trevor said he knew at that moment that he was in Haiti for his father.

In the earthquake of January 12, an estimated three million Haitians were affected. Over one million were displaced, and more than 200,000 died. In PauP alone, an estimated 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial & government buildings have collapsed or are severely damaged. Major landmarks including the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly building, the Port-au-Prince Cathedral, the headquarters of the UN, & the Hotel Montana, are gone. The Inter-American Development Bank has concluded, based on number of deaths per million and economic impact, that this is the "most destructive disaster in modern times."

World Vision (WV) offices around the world have raised $79 million. The WV Haitian staff has done an amazing job as first responders to this disaster, despite being victims themselves. They are being used as role models by other organizations as they provide shelter, food, non-food items, & medical supplies to over 500,000 Haitians in seven locations in Port-au-Prince (PauP). WV is partnering with other agencies to identify, register and trace children who have been separated from their parents, & they are setting up 28 child-friendly spaces for these displaced children.

Frank is thrilled to add to his team associates (best friends!) from his Zaire/DRC office & his California offices for the next 90-day emergency relief project. He’ll be in the Dominican Republic next week for meetings with other WV personnel from around the world as they further strategize. He says, with a smile, that he feels like a piƱata.

Otherwise, Frank’s living in a house next to the PauP WV office. He eats rice & beans at noon & has MREs at night (Military Meals Ready to Eat), & makes it to church on Sundays.

I don’t mention names, because I can’t tell the stories of others. But, here are a few who are on our hearts. One of Frank’s closest coworkers lost her daughter, who was teaching in her elementary school during the earthquake. A WV staff member still has not been found. From our school, two fathers & one kindergartener died. A dear couple, loved by the international community, who visit Haiti often, was packing to go to the airport on January 12. The husband escaped. The wife did not. Trevor was helping a nurse in a community that morning. He was with six other young Americans. One didn’t make it out.

Please continue to pray for those who grieve.

The rains have begun. The tent cities are made of sheets. Sheets need to be replaced by tarps. Tarps will then need to be replaced by homes. Haitians are resilient. They are people of hope. They are people of prayer. Please pray with and for them.


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