AQ 6 - 01.31.10

Some of you have questions. Here are some answers:

* We’ve had a marvelous reunion with grandparents who have graciously cleared a desk to make homework space for a teenager who stays up late, changed their diet to accommodate a growing family, provided a piano for Dawn’s therapy, & Frank’s mother provide the steaks & chocolate!

* Our community here in CT helped the girls buy school supplies, & a school scooped them up this week.

* You, our extended family, far & wide, have provided clothes & more. We are so rich in relationship with you as our friends & family! Thank you sooooo much!

* My right leg isn’t cooperating fully yet, but I’m thankful that it’s there & helps me balance while it’s taking its time to heal! The body is much like a stubborn child. It does what it wants, when it wants.

* Pria told her grandparents not to change the channel when Haiti is on the news. “I need to see my world.” She heard on the news that a few have been rescued this second week after the earthquake. She cried & said, “I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hold on that long.”

* Immediately following the earthquake Trevor was part of a search & rescue team. Then he hooked up with a helicopter unit from Utah. They flew food from the Dominican Republic airport to various drop points in Port-au-Prince. Food distribution is a dangerous job with chaos & rioting prevalent.

* Last week Trevor assisted in the transport of orphaned children to their adoptive parents. I’m pretty sure these are all cases where the adoptions have been in process for years & the Haitian govt. still hadn’t released them to adoptive parents who visit the children a few times per year. These are not children orphaned since the earthquake.

* We haven’t heard from Trevor for a week, but a doctor friend said he sees him each day at the sole hospital in Port-au-Prince that is still standing.

* Pray for all relief workers who need food, water & sleep in order to continue working effectively.

* Pray for the healing of Haiti.

* We sang a song in church today that goes something like this:
“I don’t know all His plans, but I know I’m in His hands.”


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