AQ 8 - 02.4.10

My (June's) postings on Facebook:

January 7
Haiti Friends - Trevor's here in Haiti for 3 more wks. Put him to work! His days are filling fast :)

January 11
I'm teaching/training the "Godly Play" method of learning on the island of La Gonave, Haiti today & tomorrow & we're bringing all the kids on the adventure!

January 11
Well...Days in Haiti often don't go as planned :)
It's a long bumpy ride to the port & by the time we arrived unseasonal storm clouds rolled in. It was way too choppy for the trip. We drove a little further to a great little Haitian history museum on the beach, & then - GREAT NEWS - the UN fire chief of South Africa wanted to meet with Trevor in 2 hrs,. So, we booked it back to Port-au-Prince. We're so thankful for his opportunity that we wouldn't have been able to respond to if we'd been on the island!
So, we booked it back to Port-au-Prince. We're so thankful for his opportunity that we wouldn't have been able to respond to if we'd been on the island! so we booked it back to port for his interview & placement for an internship these next few weeks.

January 12, 4pm
Ocean still too choppy. Didn't go to La Gonave. Other adventures today instead...

My Gmail Messages on January, 12:

To a Girlfriend:

I have no phone today. My first day home since before Christmas. I sent the kids out - no room in the car for me.
We DID NOT go to La Gonave. Went to the port & waves were washing over the dock! Very unusual. Did work elsewhere.
I felt car sick/motion sick. Fortunately didn't get sick but fought it till this a.m. Very strange.
Regrouping for our trip tomorrow & Fri.

(Pria had a play date at her house after school – the reason Pria & Dawn were very late coming home – the reason we three were standing in the same spot when the earthquake started…)

To Frank:
Thanks for breakfast at the Montana. I feel like a real woman when I'm there drinking coffee on the terrace!

(The Hotel Montana was flattened during the earthquake. We had taken all the kids there for breakfast a few days before the earthquake. We had lived there when we first moved to Haiti with the children in 2002. The kitchen staff parented our children as much as we did!)

Pria’s Story:

Our friend gave Pria a new journal. Pria wrote:
Dear First-Grade Journal,
This January guess what happened to me. It was the most horrible thing in my life. My house fell on me and my mom and my sister in Haiti in an earthquake in our five story building.

Pria was writing a winter story for her new school:
It was winter time. And, there was a girl named Pria. She always had hot chocolate on the weekends, every morning when she was out of school. When it was December, 11 days after, there was an earthquake in Haiti. It was very sad for all the people in Haiti, because most of the Haitians lost their houses, & they got buried under the rumble. But, most of them didn't die. And, the little girl's name was Pria. Her family, none of them died. While the earthquake was still hitting, Pria's family left the island, because it was not safe there. Pria had a really hard time getting through it. Her eye was swollen. My mom's leg was hurting very bad. When she got to a hospital at the airforce when we were leaving for Connecticut she had to go in a wheel chair, and she needed a cast, and she needed a cane, because her leg was hurting really, really bad. It was very bad for my family and for me. But, me and my family got better and we had a happy life. But the little girl, Pria, had a hard time getting through it, because the earthquake was very scary, and she never wanted that to happen again. But she still didn't get through it that well. But her other family members got through it but she still didn't get through it well.

(Pria still doesn’t like being far from a door, & doesn’t want to go in to rooms alone.)

Psalm 23 says, “He restores my soul.” That’s what we pray for today.


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