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Mercy-receiving. Mercy-giving. Mercy-living. I'm starting a "Mercy" blog. When you decide to look for something you usually find it! I've been looking for how mercy is being expressed around me, & I'm now seeing mercy all over the place! Here's a poem about mercy. Following the poem is a break-down of the poem, verse by verse. If there's a verse that you have a story or comment for, please share! Thanks to those of you who added your comments this week & gave me the reason to finally start the blog! This is from a blog called Meetmeinthemeadow by Roy Lessin (I know nothing about him. I'm just looking at the poem he posted.) Mercy - Christ showed us the way With a dead end before us, Christ showed us the way; When we walked in the nighttime, Christ brought us the day. With our faces all hidden, Christ carried our shame; When we felt so unwanted, Christ called out our name. With a cup that was empty, Christ

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